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Access Control

In the field of corporate and personal security, access control is a system that prevents access to certain areas containing important goods and data. This particular control system allows the user, by mobile phone, electronic key or fingerprint, to decide who can or can not access in certain areas of the structure.

Access Control

The SG Impianti follows the client during the whole phase of installation, departing from a sopralluogo to appraise the feasibility of the job, to which it follows a preliminary planning of the installation and the relative estimate.

Maintenance and assistance are necessary to keep the performance of such equipment constant and efficient, so the SG Impianti in the Rome area and province offers a 100% complete service.

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Mobile technology makes the integration of smartphones easy and safe as part of the access control solution as well as fingerprint readers and electronic keys for any structure (public, private and corporate); all this makes the services and equipment offered by SG Impianti truly appreciated by customers.